Construction Updates -April 2023

Update as on 4th April, 2023

Construction Updates – April 2023

Update as on 4th April, 2023

Phase 1 OC received! (Till 39th floor)

Titlis - Till 39th Floor OC received

% mentioned above is the current demand due as per the construction linked payment schedule

Tower Name Floor Details Detailed Updates
Tower raft – 100% completed
Podium raft-100% completed.
Basement – B1 complete, LG complete, UG complete.
Extended Podium of west & south side in Tower A – 100% RCC completed upto Podium 8th Slab.
Center core CC completed till 58th floor.
Phase 1 OC received
P1 to P8 podium floors completed, typical floor completed up to 55th floor, 56th & 57th level slab work in progress.
Center core area casting completed up to 61st floor (Tower area) 62nd floor above work in progress.
South & west side balance podium civil work up to P8 completed.
Drop off Area – 100% RCC work completed upto B1 to P7 level & P8 level-  RCC work in progress.
Finishing work
1) Block work & Gypsum- 9th to 39th floor completed excluding flats on hold. 40th to 51st level block work completed 80% & 40th to 51st gypsum work 50% completed.
2) Fire fighting -Typical level -9th to 39th floor completed excluding flats on hold. Work in progress on Podium levels – 85% completed & 40th to 51st work 75% completed.
3) Flat Toilet waterproofing work – 9th to 48th floor all flats work completed.
4) External Painting Single coat completed up to 39th floor.
5) Project lift LW1 & LW2  Installation & Commissioning completed, LW3 is now operational in full speed from UG to 51st floor.
6) Plumbing Down takes completed up to 39th floor, water supply riser completed up to 39th floor, branch connection work completed for up to 39th floor. Podium level down take work in progress.  kitchen ducts completed up to 39th floor completed & 39th B to 51st floor work in progress.
7) Typical lobby work completed upto 9th to 40th floor & 41st above floor work in progress. (90% completed )
8) Mid landing servant toilet completed up to 39th floor , toilet commissioned from 9th to 39th floor
9)Copper piping work completed in lobby area.
10) Typical Lobby Dado work completed on each floor up to 39th floor.
11) Electrical conducting & Choke up clearing work completed up to 48th floor.
12) Window Installation work 94% completed up to 39th floor, & 40th above work 90% completed.
14)Internal Railing work 96% completed up to 39th floor & 40th above work in progress. ( 60% completed)
15) External railing work 95% completed till 39th floor & 40th above work 75% completed.
16) Podium level internal painting in progress.
17) Podium P1 To P7 area flooring screed work in progress. ( 60% completed )
18) Internal road for customers from Fit-out possession is completed.
19) Tower A both staircase finishing is in progress.
20) Typical lobby light fitting installation completed .
21) UG level triple height main entrance lobby work started.
22) Project water supply line work completed 100% & building water distribution system commissioned.
23) possession handover of 70+ flats
Tower raft -100% completed.
Basement – B1 complete, LG & UG complete, P1 to P7 slab casting done. STP installation work in progress .
Raft, Basements 1 to P8 level -100% RCC completed, 1st floor service area work completed, 10th to 19th floor RCC slab work completed & fire check RCC slab work in progress.

Raft -100% completed.
Basement – Basement – B1, LG to P2 complete. STP installation work in progress

Clubhouse –
Raft, Basements B1 to P7 level -100% RCC completed, P8 level work in progress.

shore piling work
Shore piling work in progress- 83 pile completed out of 280 nos

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