Refer your friends to a home at Monte South and get rewards worth up to 1% of the new purchase. Your friend will get a discount on his new apartment too! Your friend receives a discount of 0.5% on the new flat. It’s a win-win!
You can redeem your reward against the ongoing payment of your flat or avail vouchers from our rewards partner.

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You can also contact our sales team to share your references.

  • Referrer: A Monte South customer who refers a new prospect to us
  • Referee: Any new customer who books a new flat with us through the referral scheme directly without the involvement of a Channel Partner.
  • A successful referral means that the referred customer has booked an apartment with Monte South and completed the registration of his new property.
  • The scheme will not apply in case the new booking of the referee happens with a Channel Partner or if the referee has visited the property with a Channel Partner in the past 90 days.
  • The referee should not be an existing Monte South customer or engaged in a purchase discussion with a Monte South executive in the last 90 days.
  • The referral scheme is not applicable in case the referee is a blood relative of the referrer (sibling, spouse, parent or child). Loyalty scheme would be applicable for such cases.
  • The referee must either mention the name, address and contact number of the referrer on both the site visit form and the booking form and obtain confirmation from the sales manager on the referral eligibility.
  • The referrer should have completed the registration of his/her flat at Monte South
  • The referrer benefit will be adjusted via a credit note against the other charges payable at possession. In case of no dues or a shortfall in the amount, vouchers will be provided from our rewards partner which are redeemable at various outlets.
  • The referral rewards payout for both referee & referee will be processed within 45 working days after the referred customer & the referrer registers his/her agreement for sale, whichever is latest.
  • In case of cancellation of the residence by referred customer, Monte South will not be liable for any distribution of any rewards to bother referrer & referee.
  • In case of any conflict by either parties, the decision of Monte South will be final
  • Monte South reserves the right to include, modify and/or remove projects in the referral program and the referral program itself without any prior notice
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