Construction Updates – Feb 2021

Construction Updates – Feb 2021

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Completed upto 45th slab level

Block work & Gypsum- 9th to 39th floor completed

Fire fighting -Typical level – 9th to 39th floor completed. Work in progress on Podium levels – 85% completed.

Flat Toilet waterproofing work – 9th to 39th floor all flat work completed.

External Painting Single coat – 9th to 39th floor more than 90% completed

Lift Installation & Commissioning – For LW1 A & B – Commissioning completed , For LW2 A & B – Commissioning completed.

False ceiling- Lobby Area – Sheet fixing in progress from 9th to 39th floor.

Lobby Area flooring – 9th to 38th floor completed

HVAC work – Copper piping 9th to 39th floor completed in lobby area.

Servant toilet waterproofing work – 9th to 38th floor completed. Chemical coating completed from 9th to 39th floor completed.

Lobby Dado work- 9th to 35th floor work completed for LW1 & LW2 area.

Electrical conduiting & choke up clearing work – 9th to 42nd floor completed.

Marble Flooring – 9th to 39th Floor sold flat work in progress.

Window Installation – All elevation work completed 75% for 9 to 39th floor.

Internal Railing Work – 9th to39th Floor work in progress.

External railing work – 20-39th floor work 95% completed.

Podium level internal painting in progress.

Podium level civil work in progress.

South side ground parking area development in progress.

West side road work in progress.

Internal road for customers for fit-out possession is completed.

Tower A both staircase finishing is in progress.


P3 & P4 level work in progress

Raft, Basements 1,LG level, UG level, P1 level & P2 level -100% RCC completed, P3 & P4 level work in progress

Micropile of 300 mm diameter of Tower B completed and capping beam work is completed.

Tower B upper level rock anchoring work in west line completed & North line upper level and lower level is completed.