Monte South Chronicles

June Edition

Welcome to the June edition of Monte South Chronicles. This newsletter brings you the latest updates, exciting events, and cherished moments from our vibrant community. Get ready to be nostalgic, entertained and connected as we take a trip down memory lane of all that has happened at Monte South in the last 3 months. 

Event Celebrations

Jain Mandir Pran Pratishtha
This quarter marked the most remarkable and encouraging event – the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Jain temple at Monte South. The 5-day celebration was celebrated with sacred rituals, auspicious offerings, devotional music, dance and a display of unity and peace. Revered spiritual leaders from the Jain community graced the event. 

Sports Turf Opening
We organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new turf area. The chief guest led the ceremony, which also included bouquet presentations and a small snack arrangement. To commemorate the occasion, a trial match was played between the residents. 

Holi Celebrations
The whole Monte South came together to celebrate Holi.

Resident Spotlight – Mr. Taha Kanba


How has your experience been living at Monte South?
I like the environment here at Monte South. The community and overall environment are quite welcoming and conducive to a comfortable lifestyle. 

Can you share more about your family’s involvement in the community?
Absolutely! My mother is an active member of the society and has developed warm relationships with many fellow residents. She’s part of various resident groups and even attends the gym daily with a group of ladies from our community.

What’s your opinion about the amenities and facilities at Monte South?
The amenities at Monte South are top-notch. I use the gym regularly, and it’s well-maintained. My father, who is in the catering business, has done catering for 4-5 events within the Monte South community.

From an architect’s perspective, the construction quality at Monte South Tower is exceptional. The use of high-quality marbles and CP fittings is evident, setting it apart from many other construction sites I’ve worked on. The attention to detail and quality standards are truly commendable.

Could you share your experience with the interior design of your apartment?
I did the interior design of my apartment, A1701. Being in the architecture field, I brought my vision to life and created a space that perfectly reflects my unique style and preference.

Knowledge Byte

Using Destination Operating Panel for Elevators

The Destination Operating Panel (DOP) is an electronic touchscreen device that replaces traditional lift buttons. Here’s how you can use the DOP. 

  1. Touch the Screen
    Approach the DOP and touch the screen to activate it.
  2. Select Your Desired Floor
    Using the on-screen interface, choose or type in the floor number you wish to go to.
  3. Scan Your Access Card
    To access the elevators, scan your electronic lift access card on the designated reader on the DOP.
  4. Allocated Elevator
    Once your access is validated, the DOP will display the alphabet assigned to the elevator you should take.
  5. Board the Assigned Elevator
    Locate the high-speed elevator with the corresponding alphabet displayed on the DOP and board it for a world-class seamless experience.

By following these steps, you can conveniently use the Destination Operating Panel (DOP) to request an elevator and reach your desired floor with ease and efficiency.

Facility Activities

Maintenance & Cleaning
Deep cleaning has been carried out in the newly opened turf area.
Regular cleaning is being performed in all common areas and driveways as per the scheduled routine.

Safety & Security Measures
Monthly security training sessions are conducted, covering fire safety and security systems.
Gas leak detectors have been installed in 79 flats, ensuring proactive safety measures.
Heat detectors have been installed in 134 flats, further enhancing safety protocols.

CCTV Surveillance
CCTV cameras have been activated from the 9th floor to the 51st floor, with a total of 150 cameras installed.
The activation of CCTV cameras in the parking levels is currently in progress.

Know Your Neighbourhood

Day 2 Day Medical
Service: Home delivery is available
Contact Number: 9167441111
Address:Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, Plot No. 25, Mazgaon Terrace, Nesbit Road, Mazgaon,  Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010.

Upcoming Events

Feedback & Contributions

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