Monte South Chronicles

Monte South Chronicles

January Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Monte South Chronicles, our community newsletter that keeps you updated about the latest happening, festivities, and updates within our community. In this inaugural edition, explore the festive moments from the past quarter, and the work done by our facility team and learn about the exciting events coming up at Monte South.

Festival Celebrations

Last quarter was quite happening as the whole community came together to celebrate Garba night, Diwali, Dussehra Pooja, and the Christmas carnival. We even cheered for team India by organising a World Cup final screening at the Monte South premises. The Makar Sankranti celebrated recently also saw good participation. These events brought the community members closer and spread a lot of joy and happiness. Sharing some glimpses of these vibrant festivities.

Upcoming Events

Republic Day flag hoisting on 26th January 2024

Resident Spotlight – Karan Jain


Meet Karan Jain, an enthusiastic member of our Monte South community residing in Tower A – 3203. Karan shared with us his unique interests and passion, and what he loves about Monte South.

Karan is a passionate dancer. He is a trained professional in various dance styles –  hip-hop, locking, popping, salsa, and Bollywood Zumba. Remo Dsoouza’s close friend, who is an assistant choreographer for a Bollywood movie, taught him to dance. 

Karan enjoys the dance facilities at Monte South. He likes teaching dance to his neighbour residents in the dance room at Monte South. 

Beyond dance, Karan’s wife also conducts engaging arts and crafts workshops for the community. 

The couple start their day on a devotional note with prayers. The family loves the way homes are designed at Monte South. The large windows allow ample sunlight to grace their faces, which feels blissful in the morning. 

Karan also enjoys the long walking area on the ground floor. It’s just perfect for him for his refreshing morning and evening walks. 

Karan Jain and his family truly embody the spirit of community at creativity at Monte South. 

Facility Updates

Maintenance & Repair

The Sewage Water Treatment Plant (STP) has been successfully implemented to facilitate treated water connectivity for flushing.

Staircase “B” is now operational and residents can use it whenever there is an emergency.

CCTV installation work has reached 90% completion, showcasing our commitment to providing top-notch security. 

Automatic testing device (ARD) testing is done in all the elevators, ensuring proper functionality and adherence to the safety standards.

Installation and operational testing of lift AC units has been completed.


Training on cleaning in the common area with a jet pump.

Monthly training conducted on fire fighting system operation.

Feedback & Contributions

We always welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions to improve your Monte South experience.

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