Monte South Chronicles

Monte South Chronicles

February Edition

Welcome to another edition of Monte South Chronicles. This edition captures the essence of life at Monte South. It gives you some glimpses of community celebrations of the past month, a resident spotlight, knowledge byte and some other key facility updates.

Festival Celebrations

Our community came together to celebrate Republic Day with great pride and enthusiasm at Monte South. A flag-hoisting ceremony was held in the morning to honour the occasion, followed by sports events in the afternoon. 

We also organised a Haldi Kumkum celebration for the dedicated ladies of our support staff at Monte South.

Facility Updates

  • Repair and maintenance of electric buggies completed, ensuring a smooth commuting experience within the premises.
  • BMC conducted a polio vaccination drive for kids inside the Monte South premises.
  • Gasket replacement in the sprinkler high zone’s delivery line was executed to enhance the performance of the fire and safety system.
  • Facade glass cleaning and external window cleaning were carried out as per the scheduled routine,
  • Utilizing a scissor lift, double-height shop front glass cleaning was performed for maximum surface coverage and cleanliness.

Resident Spotlight – Mrs. Priya Seth


Meet Mrs Priya Sheth, a member of our Monte South community residing in building A – 3806. She shares thoughts about her professional journey and what she likes about Monte South. 

How do you perceive the energy in Monte South?
Living in Monte South feels great. The society is full of energetic individuals who contribute to the lively atmosphere. 

Could you share a glimpse of your routine at Monte South?
I start my day with a refreshing gym session at Monte South, utilizing the fitness facilities. My husband, a businessman by profession, commences his day with a visit to our in-complex temple for a moment of worship.

What stands out to you about Monte South’s ambience?
Monte South has a high-class ambience and classic interiors. The large windows and breathtaking views from the room further add to its charm. 

Tell us about your professional pursuits.
I’m a certified French teaching professional from France De Bombay. I offer French tuition to students across various boards – IGCSE, SSC, ICSE, CBSE, HSC. My daughter has been my constant support, inspiring me to progress in this teaching profession.

Knowledge Byte – Applying the P.A.S.S. Technique for Fire Extinguisher Use

Using a fire extinguisher during an emergency can be intimidating, especially if you do not know the proper way to use it. However, fear not, as the P.A.S.S acronym helps you remember the four easy steps when using a fire extinguisher. 


Pull: Pull the pin. There is a small pin that prevents the fire extinguisher from accidentally being discharged. All you have to do is pull it out and continue on to the next step.

Aim: Aim the nozzle of the fire extinguisher low at the base of the fire.

Squeeze: With the pin pulled, gently squeeze the trigger. Ensure that you squeeze it gently so that the extinguisher operates at its utmost efficiency. 

Sweep: Sweep the extinguisher from side to side to cover all areas the fire may have spread to.

Learning this technique helps you to respond confidently in case of an emergency. 

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