Experience uncompromised luxury

Experience uncompromised luxury

Forget ordinary, matchbox-sized luxury apartments. Homes at Monte South are expansive in every sense – high ceilings, massive rooms, and brilliant views that overlook the horizon in every direction. Detailed with the finest finishing, Monte South brings to you uncompromised luxury at every turn.

2.5 BHK

1150 – 1214 sq ft

3.5 BHK

1464 – 1699 sq ft

Putting the large back in luxury

The living room is where most families spend the maximum time. We’ve designed enormous living and dining spaces to bring the family together. You can also be a perfect host and entertain a lot of guests.

Typical living rooms

This is how typical living rooms look. It’s seating capacity is limited and the dining and living areas merge with each other, which means that you can’t entertain too many guests.

Monte South living room

Our living rooms are large, airy and have a big wide window to allow for a great view. It’s big enough to comfortably entertain even up to 12 people without intruding in the dining space, or vice versa.

The space to do more

The master bedroom is like a personal ecosystem, and the bigger it is, the more you can demand off it. The palatial master bedroom at Monte South offers generous space and lets you accommodate many more functions than the average master bedroom.

Typical master bedroom

Typical master bedrooms are 12×10 feet. You can just about fit a king bed, 2 small side tables and a wardrobe.

Monte South master bedroom

Our masterbedroom measures a massive 17’x12′ with a L-shaped window and a private deck. You could use the extra room to add a lounge chair for when you want the space to space out in and enjoy epic views of the skyline.You could also add a desk and a dressing table, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The Dream Flat

Most residential projects have a show flat constructed somewhere around the sales office. While they may look plush, they’re unable to convey what it truly feels like to live in a high-rise. At Monte South, we chose to move away from that pattern, and give potential buyers a chance to experience the sheer grandeur that comes with living in a landmark luxury high-rise. We got multi award-winning ZZ Architects to design an ultra-lavish dream home on the 28th storey of the 1st tower. It’s a home that’s as luxurious as homes get, with views that are as real as they get.